Billion App Team

Kirill Sosnovy
CEO, Billion Founder
Started entrepreneurship at school. At the age of 20 was already running his own online-store. Tech-expert and huge Apple fan. Got involved in Bitcoin in 2013 and built a successful mining business. Later delivered the concept of Billion.
Ivan Zyrin
CDO, Billion Co-Founder
Graduate in Environment Design. Transforms ideas into prototypes since 2009. Master skills in Sketch and Adobe. Passionate and inventive designer of user-interfaces, he created all screens of Billion app along with company’s logo and website look.
Roman Ovcharenko
CTO, Developer, Billion Co-Founder
Professional in software design and architecture. As a teenager took part in many international math and informatics olympiads. Graduate in CS. Started coding for MacOS in 2011. Experienced in cryptography, Roman is the first to roll-out BIP47 Reusable Payment Code implementation for iOS. Now focused on developing crypto-wallet created on Swift programming language.
Nik Blinkoff
Senior Project Executive & Communication
Got a Cum Laude Degree in Political Sciences. Worked as coordinator in Russian Trade Office in Rome. Due to personal interests shifted to tech-projects and joined Billion in summer 2017. Brought the app from a concept to a successful product in AppStore. Master of emails, it is Nik to communicate with possible partners and investors.
Ive Oparin
Blockchain Expert & Strategy
A walking encyclopedia of cryptocurrencies and related technologies. Became passionate about Bitcoin in 2012. One of the first to join Billion team. It was Ive to suggest Reusable Payment Codes for Billion. Took part in creating the concept of Billion private messenger. Author of articles on Billion Medium page and admin of Twitter and Reddit.
Max Spiridonov
BackDev & Team Coach
Over 10 years experience in programming. Knowledgeable in building high-load data processing services. In Billion he took part in architecting iOS-wallet and Billion private messenger. It’s Max to implement the messenger prototype. Master of time-management, he shares his knowledge with younger Billion team-members.
Daniil Miroshnichenko
iOS Dev
iOS developer since 2014. Made a number of client apps and set-up up a course on Swift-programming. One of the early developers in Billion team, took part in coding the first build of SPV bitcoin-wallet with Payment Codes. Interested in cryptography and cryptocurrencies, now he is improving smart-contract development skills.
Gregory Shushakoff
iOS Dev
Master of science in computer engineering. Was involved in development of neural networks. A long-time experience of coding for MacOS and iOS. Before Billion built online radio streaming app with a number of special features. In Billion he is responsible for motion design coding, app on-boarding and UI-improvements.
Vladimir Golovanov
Testing & Acceptance
Possesses strong understanding of all iOS existing devices. Joined Billion team as manual tester, Vladimir knows how each next version of Billion should be like. It’s him to deal with bug-reports and managing bug-fixing tasks. Will start a Swift-programming course soon.
Sergio Ra
Frontend Dev
Experienced in building fancy website interfaces. Master of adaptive layout. Worked in a number of projects as leading front-end. The latest to join Billion team, Sergio is developing and supporting Billion’s multilingual website.
Kirill Tisch
Graduate in CS. Worked in IREX as a volunteer in 2016. Part-time in Billion along with principal job as server-maintenance engineer. His main duty in Billion is monitoring server equipment and helping with Atlassian along with some junior-level tasks. Wants to grow as a security engineer.
Kate Levchenko
Studies psychology at PFUR University. Her works were included in PFUR collection of articles on stress & aggression. Joined Billion team as HR-intern and helps to manage employee profiles of team-members and track the professional growth. Her Thesis will be based on analysis of IT-employees behaviour and professional development in Billion team.